Cinderella Solution Your Complete System Review: Cinderella Solution Quick Start Guide, The Cinderella Accelerator and The Movement Sequencing Guide Included, Reviews

What Is The Cinderella Solution?

The Cinderella Solution System is a plan that combines weight loss with very particular exercises. These exercises aren’t cardio in nature. Instead, they are very specific muscle-targeting ones that go after the areas of the body where most women want to lose weight. Notably, the exercises described in The Cinderella Solution System go after belly fat, the butt, and the hips.

According to the creator of The Cinderella Solution System, Carly Donovan, there are three hormones that are responsible for a woman’s weight gain. These are estrogen, cortisol, and insulin. She dubbed them “I.C.E. dysfunction.” Apparently, when women are in their 20s, these hormones are the most functional. This is why women that age have no problem eating whatever they want and not gaining any weight in return. When you get older, those hormones have less of an effect or the body simply makes less of them. As a result, that former weight loss becomes weight gain. The Cinderella Solution System was created in response to this.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

Who is the Author of Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donovan is the author of Cinderella Solution and what may surprise you is that she isn’t some famous fitness model that’s sponsored by millions to create an online weight loss program. Instead, she’s just like you and I. The only difference is that she did a ton of extensive research to figure out why women are gaining weight as they age, and why none of the weight loss programs seem to be working. And you guessed it – after putting her own body to the test, the most effective techniques and steps were put into this program for other women to reap the benefits from.

What do you learn from The Cinderella Solution?

  • You learn how to eat starch and carbohydrates with maintaining balance
  • How to target certain areas of the body for targeting weight loss
  • How a process called “movement sequencing” works out better than actual cardiovascular exercise.
  • You will get taught on why dessert is actually the best place for weight loss.
  • You will learn when are the right times to eat certain foods to maintain a healthy metabolism.
  • Get to know what time of day is the best time to drink alcohol without worsening the state of the user’s weight.
  • Again you will get some knowledge on the keys to lengthening life for up to 22% longer than the average lifespan.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Cinderella Solution PROS

  • The Cinderella Solution System utilizes a number of food pairing in order to help you meet your weight loss goals.
  • You won’t have to follow any type of restrictive food diets. For example, you won’t have to go completely carb-free.
  • The Cinderella Solution System also includes an exercise plan that targets the areas of the body where most women want to lose inches and gain muscle tone.
  • The Cinderella Solution System boasts that followers won’t have to take sweaty exercise classes as long as they follow that exercise plan.
  • This exercise plan was developed by a fitness instructor.

Cinderella Solution CONS

  • The Cinderella Solution System is designed only for women with weight loss goals.
  • Also, it’s designed only for women who want to lose more than 10 pounds of body fat. If you only want to lose five, then this plan may not work for you.
  • The creator of The Cinderella Solution System was a fitness instructor, not a dietician.


Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that you get a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, it’s basically a worry-free weight loss program. If you decide you don’t like it, then you can get your money back. Otherwise, you have nothing to lose.

And let’s get serious here ladies – the weight loss program you’re currently following isn’t working. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here trying to find another option. So, give the Cinderella Solution a try. It’s built on the details of your body and you can’t go wrong with that.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.