Brain Training For Dogs Review

Dogs are the most interesting pets you can ever come across, my opinion, which is a universal one I suppose. Imagine having a pet that you can communicate, meaning two-way, you speak and it responds by acting. While dogs have only one sound with no words, whenever it barks, there is a message. It is interesting to have a companion that you can almost treat as a human being without fear of judgment or attitude. However, you cannot enjoy your stay with any dog from anywhere. While all dogs have the capability of communicating with you, their intelligence part is suppressed. You need to take it for training to activate this part of their brain and sensory nerves.

Dog training is an increasingly popular business in the United States and across the world because of the demand for compatibility with pets. Everyone wants a pet they can talk to and it responds accordingly. The fact that there are dog training services everywhere should make you think of legitimacy and appropriateness of the place you intend to take your dog for training. There are many dog training schools that are a waste of time and money. Backward, inappropriate and inefficient services; you will be shocked to get your dog back home with the same ignorance or worse behavior.

Apart from the need of companionship, you might need to take your dog for training for your children’s safety and general home safety. Dog training also makes it easier for both of you to get along at home. Since the launch of brain training for dogs early last year, more and more pet owners have purchased the product. The program focuses on the dog’s brain to make it comprehend and respond to common commands at home.

*Disclaimer: You should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional. Individual results may vary.

What is the product?

The program is here to change the poor culture of failed training sessions where dogs develop resentment or get hurt. Creator of this product focuses only on force free methods that may take time for the dog but the time is worth it. The methods also ensure the dog is not subjected to any kind of harm. Patience is a crucial element in this product. The program is in form of pdf, which you can download from the creator’s site at a fee and follow instruction while having sun with your dog. Brain training for dogs focuses on enhancing and expanding the brain a capacity of a dog to be able to learn and discover other things during and after the training. The program aims to tackle uncontrolled barking, jumping, aggression, chewing, pulling, not listening, as well as training a new puppy.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Who is the author?

The author is a CPDT-KA certified and renowned dog trainer. Adrienne Farricelli has extensive experience not only because of the long period she has been in the field but also because of the reputation in the market. She has literally worked with all types of dogs. Dogs are of different sizes, breeds, and personalities. Some have extremely bad and strange behavior. Adrienne expertise covers all these types of dogs. The program is a result of comprehensive knowledge in the training field. Since her certification in 2004, she has been instrumental in championing for friendly dog training methods through her articles published in Nest Pets, Everdog magazine, Daily Hub, USA Today, Ehow, Hubpages, and Paw Nation.

How Does It Work?

The ebook you download from Adrienne’s site begins with an introductory obedience lesson, which is extremely necessary as a first training process for your dog. The basic commands in this section are sit and lie down. This section forms a crucial foundation for next sections, for instance, brain games. The introduction is followed by a definite structure of lessons as well as exams.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Brain Training For Dogs Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read and understand the instructions
  • The owner is in control of the dog as opposed to taking it away to a training school
  • You get to have fun and bond with your dog while training


  • Program is only available in digital form
  • Takes much of your time
  • Ineffective considering dog owners are not expert trainers


The gushing consumer reviews on the book are true. It is a comprehensive program, which proves to work. You are guaranteed of an obedient and well-behaved dog if you gradually follow the 5 modules.