Alive After The Fall 2 Review

All other super nations are mentioned in the Bible excluding America. This was quite odd to Alexander Cain, a historian as well as a professor at Arkansas University. He said how can a nation like America not being mention in a book like Bible even if it is in a single page. Then, the interest to study the word of God in the Bible deeply as well as the ancient history was sparkled. And this led to the discovery that the biblical Babylon that will come to an end one day as it was prophesized is the United States of America.

The story of an apocalypse which will befall America in the coming future is Alive after the fall. Alexander Cain claimed that this unforeseen hit on America would occur before 1st of January 2017, so it is nearer than we foresee. The primary assailant is Russia, and the US will be attacked with an (Electro Magnetic Pulse) bomb which will be detonated at 20 miles above air. And the result of that is that anything that runs on electricity will be massively destroyed.

There will be total darkness in America, and everything will happen as it has been prophesized and foretold by four of the most prominent prophets in the Bible. It is well-known that there is nothing in America that that does not run on electricity starting from hospitals, schools, businesses, transport system, paying system, manufacturing plants, and food processing plants to name a few. There will be no hope of survival left for America and anarchy as it has always been will be the only response left. There will be a shortage of foods, an outbreak of epidemics, high rate of unemployment as a result of power shut down, hospitals will not be able to save lives again, and the whole America will be in turmoil. On the other hand, how to survive the dark days that are looming have been provided in Alive After the Fall.

What is Alive After the Fall 2?

The best survival program that anyone can find in the market is Alive After the Fall as it shows how your family and dependents can be secured and saved by adhering to simple techniques and methods together with other skills utilized by our ancestors to ensure their survival without losing assurance. The information about the world and the people therein can be found in the Bible including past, present, and the future. And most people both man and woman throughout the world have faith in God and follow his words accordingly to avoid being on the losing side. In this program is information that is real and capable of saving people from death. Alexander Cain researched the historical scriptures that have stated that prophecy will come true, so he chose to protect everybody and provides the strategy to survive. This program will undoubtedly assist you to understand how to stay alive without electrical power, water, food, medication and other necessities to secure ourselves with a relaxed and comfortable life.

Who Is Alexander Cain?

Alexander Cain has a degree in ancient history and theology, and he has been working for the last 19 years in a university based in Arkansas and without a doubt, he has deep knowledge when it comes to ancient scripture. He had dedicated his life to offer protection to people by moving ahead of coming tribulation as he believes the prophecy will be fulfilled. Therefore, he strives to uncover how people of old stayed alive 200 years ago without the necessities like electricity. It is his belief that the survivalists will be kept alive by following the ways of our forefathers, understanding, and prowess.

According to what he has uncovered from years of researching and giving interpretation to the Holy Bible, he is convinced that the end is near for “Babylon America.” He further stated that eternal hostility between U.S. and Russia would result in the use of EMP weapon that will bring the world to an untimely end. The utilization of this kind of weapon will create disorderly circumstances since the use of electronic components devices, and electrical power will be unattainable as it can obliterate each electronic equipment in range; hence, we all need to be prepared.

What Will You Receive from Alive After the Fall 2?

  • Information on the five electrical tools you require after an EMP burst.
  • How to develop your personal Faraday Cage to guard your five electrical devices from EMP weapons. This cage could be built in twenty minutes having only simple items.
  • Instructions on the seven drugs items you have to maintain in your first aid kit to get rid of ailments and keep your household healthy after the “fall of Babylon.”
  • Simple techniques that will assist you to safeguard your car engine from an EMP blast.
  • Useful strategies to keep your house and relatives secure from looters and intruders.
  • Different techniques you can utilize to make meals and drugs last longer.
  • You will also understand everything regarding finding and making meals without electrical power or gas, and much more.

Alive After The Fall 2Bonuses:

“Fallout: surviving the Next Nuclear Attack.”

Valuable information will be provided to you by this report on how the nuclear attack can be survived. The step to take immediately after the attack will be learned which include the best five ways through which exposure to radiation can be avoided, how the people suffering from radiation sickness can be helped, and what you need to understand regarding five unsafe myth about the nuclear attack that most people believe in.

“Chemical Attack Survival”

Through this report, you will be taught how a chemical attack can be survived and how survival gear can be created using the simple items that you already possess at home. Not only that how to cope with an attack will be learned but also how the chemical use in an attack can be identified.

Alive After The Fall 2 The Pros and Cons


The Strategies Are Easy to Implement

If you have no prior experience dealing with this kind of situation, using the strategies recommended in this program will be pretty easy for you to prepare and survive. The items and materials needed can be found effortlessly and the information shared in this program can be easily understood and followed.

The Guide Teaches You How to Survive Different Disasters

Alexander believes that a nuclear disaster of Biblical magnitude, a chemical attack or an EMP strikes is going to happen pretty soon and he has shown how to prepare for any of these situations and how his survival strategies can be adapted to various circumstances are all inside his guide and bonus report.

For example, the skills taught in the guide can be found handy whether you get lost, or you go hiking. Also, if you live in a neighborhood where the crime rate is high, learning the ways to ensure your family safety is valuable.

Useful Information for Both Beginners and Experienced Survivalists

Many of us don’t know what to do when the disaster happened, so this program is full of valuable strategies and tips which are created for you to stay alive and we are certain that not only the beginners’ survivalists can benefit immensely from this guide but also the experienced ones.

Two Bonuses That Offer Real Value

The two special reports that Alexander Cain provides inside his Alive After The Fall plan include a more comprehensive selection of adversities which could occur and get ready you for these circumstances. These add-ons add true worth to the primary guide by assisting you to prepare for various situations.

You Can Ask for A Full Refund Within 60 Days

60-days money back guarantee is offered by Alexander Cain for his program if you think it does not give value for the money spent or if it is short of your expectations. It means that buying this program comes with no risk since you can get your money back if you do not find it helpful.


The Guide Is Only Available in Electronic Format

It is unfortunate that this program can only be purchased as a PDF document, so a copy of the guide will need to be printed at home by you if you will prefer reading a real book.

Non-Christians May Not Look at This Guide Under A Positive Light

Secondly, this program might not be an ideal survival manual for non-Christians since it is based on Alexander Cain’s understanding of the Bible. Many Christians that are conservative may not agree with Alexander Cain’s understanding of the holy scripture.


This digital program will help you to know how to survive the apocalypse if your space is hit with an EMP bomb and entire city’s power line is wiped out. Regardless that other spiritual doctrines may debate against the biblical information offered by Alexander Cain, there are still several pieces of knowledge to benefit from this electronic book. It cautiously details and describes a few of the current events taking place in America which are a mystery and difficult to understand. However, it is an all-inclusive package which will educate you as well as your family the fundamental human survival ideas which were utilized back in primitive times even before electricity. Because there is a cash back guarantee that comes with this product, no harm is done by adding and digesting this pool of knowledge and make use of them when it matters most. You never know, America can be plunged into darker trying times.