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Everyone has a tendency to go back into their lives and stress over past decisions or events that were unpleasant. In the same way we pause for moments and fantasize of the things and people we would wish to have in our lives. Irrespective of your achievements, no matter how big they are, you still have fantasies of what you want to achieve. Every morning you wake up and realize you are not there yet, you think over it, which moves you a step closer to depression. Ambitions in life are built on things we see on other people; there is no way you can dream on the inexistent. Thus, every time you meet someone or something that corresponds with the dream you are yet to achieve leads you to deep thoughts.

Consistence “failure” in achieving desired heights in life often leads to negative thoughts. Dwelling on such thoughts is a recipe for stress and depression. Whenever you feel emotionally low because of unachieved lengths, it can always be pointed back to what you consider failure, which in essence is only delayed success.

Such factors lead to accumulation of pressure because of concerns in life. In such cases, people tend to hibernate in search of inner peace. These are the times when you wish life had a mute button. The 15 minute manifestation product is meant for you if you are determined to turn your mind to positive thoughts. The program helps you to escape all forms of negativity in your life and focus on life goals. Positive thoughts concerning your life fantasies and goals make them a reality. The 15 minute manifestation program helps to ease the process of achieving your life goals.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

What' 15 Minute Manifestation

The 15 minute manifestation program has been designed to alter activities in your brain thus helping you to focus on positive elements. The product targets people during disorders and possible stress. Statistics demonstrate the product as the best manifestation tool in the market so far. Implementing tips on the program helps you to transform your present condition, irrespective of their nature to realization of your life goals irrespective of how big they seem. The program is packaged in MP3 format, which consists of three tracks that integrate with each other with respect to transforming your thoughts.

Basically, the 15 minute manifestation audio is brain reprogramming tool for replacing negative thoughts with positivity. The brain is infused with these thoughts allowing you to focus on fantasies and work on them to realization of the same.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

About The Author

Who is Eddie Sergey

Eddie Sergey is an expert in mind functioning. He has also mastered the law of attraction and elements relating to achievement of this law. Besides, he is a consultant with interest in human psychology. Eddie has been in the field of psychology and human behavior for decades. His extensive experience is unquestionable. Eddie developed the 15 minute manifestation program after compiling content from various studies in the field of human behavior and mind functioning. The product is backed up by seasoned theories by experts in human behavior.

How Does It Work?

The 3 parts of the 15 minute manifestation audio mainly used sound to alter the brain functioning of a human being. The sound tracks are said to be developed by some of the best audio engineers. Sounds in the audio are a mixture and blend of natural sounds from the wind, birds, waves, and baritone. The essence of the sound track is to rewire normal state of your brain to focus on other thoughts. The sounds act as a medium between your subconscious and conscious mind that the fantasies become practical.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Pros and Cons 15 Minute Manifestation


  • Easy to understand
  • 60 days money back guarantee if the techniques do not work in two months
  • It is verified and backed by medical experts and scientists.
  • 15 minutes is short; you can listen to it anywhere and anytime.


  • Only available in digital format, which requires reliable Internet
  • The program requires patience by regularly listening to the audio to get results
  • Not available in Amazon or any other shopping site

Product Content

The 15 minute manifestation tis based on scientific facts, which agree with the influence of music to your brain. Soothing music accesses deep part of your brains. The sound used in the three tracks acts as a medium between your subconscious and conscious mind thus bringing far thought life goals to the conscious mind; hence, ability to practically work on them. Theta frequency used in development of the sound tracks by renowned engineers resonates with frequencies in your brain. The gentle persuasion not only acts as a medium but also transforms your deep perceptions to a reality. This ensures you have a positive outlook in every aspect of life thus realization of life goals.

Product Bonuses and About bonuses

15 minute manifestation program is popular among scientists. In fact, if you go through most of the medical journals, the experts agree with the effect of sound tracks on parts of your brain. Soothing music accesses deep parts of your brain thus altering your perception. Eddie’s objective in altering brain activity is verified.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


15 minute manifestation program works! There is no doubt about it. It is worth the money and time you invest in it. If you need a positive break in life, the product is a must buy for you.

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